My mission is simple- to change every woman's idea of a typical salon experience for the better. By choosing safer, natural beauty products, I am able to perform to the highest professional standards. The superior organic products in my arsenal include Oway Organics and Original Mineral. It is my firm belief that these choices give my guests a more pleasant salon experience, gorgeous longer lasting results, and healthier hair.



My name is Melanie, and my brand MagicByMelanie was born shortly after my daughter was. I had Annie in 2019 after six years in the salon, and the experience of pregnancy and motherhood behind the chair made me change the way I saw the entire industry. I knew there were safer, healthier options out there for me and for my guests when it came to products. I knew there were safer, healthier options salons could make for our planet when it came to waste. I knew I wanted to be in an environment with this same vision! I decided to spread my wings and landed at the Moon Room Salon and Design Space in early 2020. I dove into educating myself and my guests on holistic hair-care and sustainable salon practices. I love being able to walk away from a day behind the chair knowing I did everything I could to spare the planet any un-needed waste, and that I used the most extraordinary products available to provide my guests with reliable results, long lasting color, and gorgeous,  healthy hair. I feel excited and inspired by the changes our industry is making and I can not wait to see the way it will change the world for our future generations.



I am a Marin County native and long time Sonoma County resident. In my free time you might find me walking my Australian Shepherd, playing peek-a-boo with my daughter, or cooking a huge meal with my husband. I love traveling and dream of a passport full of stamps and a heart full of memories! I am happiest when my home is filled with family, friends, food, and wine. I adore a good book and a hot cup of tea more than almost anything else in the world, except maybe ultra dark chocolate from Trader Joe's. I thrive in the sunshine and my favorite way to enjoy it is on a camping trip with my husband.  My work is my passion and nothing makes me happier than behind the chair; especially when I get to unwind on the sofa with my family and The Office each night.


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